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Jesenia pronounced Jes-N-EE-Ya (she/her)

I am a dedicated community facilitator and builder, specializing in serving nonprofits and community-focused organizations. At the heart of my work is a deep commitment to fostering meaningful connections, igniting engagement, and driving positive change. As a seasoned event host and engagement expert, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities your organization faces.

My approach is rooted in anti-racism, decolonizing, disability justice, and accessible design. I specialize in helping individuals by providing ideas, encouragement, guidance, and a passion for supporting them as they navigate through challenging situations. In our consultation we will delve into overcoming your obstacles. My goal is to help you find solutions so that you can move forward with confidence and purpose.

Visual Description: Photo of Jesenia at a marble desk sitting in front of a window, set in a brick wall. At the desk Jesenia is writing in a notebook, a yellow Indigenous Print coffee mug next to her and a laptop and mouse are on the desk as well. The laptop has a sticker that reads "Y'all means All". There is a palm plant next to the desk and a city skyline visible through the window. It is early afternoon. Jesenia is an indigenous woman with a red faux hawk in a twist, wearing pink glasses, gold medallion earrings and pink lipstick with a cream colored blouse.


Solidarity Pricing: I operate on a radical generosity model that allows you to pay what you can afford. The first 15 minutes are free. The first meeting can be extended for an additional 15-30 minutes, for a fee. Donations support my efforts to provide services to lower income clients! You can donate via Buy Me a Coffee or become a sponsor on Patreon.

Identities & Lived Experience

As a Queer, Neurodiverse, and Indigenous individual, I bring a unique perspective to foster intersectional inclusivity and acceptance. I advocate for equity and empowerment. As a Fem Cis-Woman and First Generation child of immigrant parents, I strive to break barriers and create a more inclusive world. My background is in Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Visual Arts, Data Analytics & Visualization, Communications, DEI employee networks, as well as Neurodiversity & Disability Advocacy, and Online Community building and engagement. Explore my Bio Page to learn more about my journey!

Visual Description: Photo of Jesenia at a marble desk sitting in front of a window, set in a brick wall. At the desk Jesenia is clasping her hands together under her chin in front of a laptop and mouse. It is early afternoon with sun coming through the window. Jesenia is an indigenous woman with a red faux hawk in a twist, wearing pink glasses, gold red native earrings and red lipstick with a grey ruffle neck blouse.

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Online Content Creators Collective



I can't speak highly enough about Jesenia, the resume and LinkedIn optimization coaching I received was great! Their guidance supercharged my LinkedIn networking, I've witnessed a surge in job application views and have forged some industry connections. Their coaching has been a game-changer, propelling me closer to my career aspirations.


Jesenia has the rare ability to make things happen, either through her direct efforts or through empowering others to take action. Through her contributions to OneFreeCommunity I have had opportunities to practice my unique skills, and grow my business. Jesenia's honest and kind demeanor has made her incredibly easy to work with even when energies run low. I look forward to working with her more in the future.


Skilled community builder and organizer. A natural at creating welcoming environments, building trust, assessing the passions of individuals, and calling hearts closer together to realize justice. I'm blessed to have witnessed Jesenia's genius at work. They conspire toward new structures, with vulnerability and grit. A fighter who brings out the fight in me.

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